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This article is about the South Korean band. For the UK pop group, see Rumblefish (band). For the fighting game, see The Rumble Fish.

Rumble Fish (럼블피쉬) is a South Korean rock band. The group disbanded in 2010, but lead vocalist Choi Jin Yi still continued as a solo-artist under the name of Rumble Fish.





  • Swing Attack, July 2004
  • Have A Nice Dream, July 2005
  • I Go (Digital Single), July 2006
  • Open The Safe, March 2007
  1. Fly
  2. 봄이 되어 꽃은 피고
  3. Smile Again
  4. 사랑한다
  5. 그 여자의 하루
  6. In The End
  7. Two-Time
  8. 日常茶飯事 (일상다반사)
  9. 이별...마시다
  10. 거짓말
  11. 월화수목금토일
  12. Good-Bye
  13. 봄이 되어 꽃은 피고 (Full Version)
  • Open The Safe (Special Edition), July 2007
  • Memory For You, November 2008
  • One sweet day, October 2009
  1. Intro
  2. 너 정말이니
  3. Let Me Love
  4. Don't Stop
  5. 엘리나
  6. Lost In Paradise
  7. Sorry
  8. One Sweet Day
  9. 앙코르 (Encore) (Unplugged Ver.)
  10. 1994년 어느 늦은 밤
  11. 내 사랑 내 곁에
  12. 앙코르 (Encore)
  13. 한 사람을 위한 마음
  • I Am Rumble Fish, January 2014
  1. Falling out
  2. The virulent song (Feat.Kanto)(몹쓸 노래 (Feat.칸토))
  3. Call it in
  4. Don't do that (하지마)
  5. One snowy night (이 밤을 지켜줘요)


Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2005 Best Mixed Group "Smile Again" (으라차차)[1] Nominated
2006 Best Rock Performance "I Go"[2] Nominated
2007 Best Mixed Group "Smile Again"[3] Nominated


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