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Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
Rumic Theater.jpg
高橋留美子劇場 / 高橋留美子傑作集
(Takahashi Rumiko Gekijō / Takahashi Rumiko kessakushū)
Written byRumiko Takahashi
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
MagazineBig Comic Original, others
Original runJuly 4, 1987 – present
Anime television series
Directed byAkira Nishimori
StudioTMS Entertainment
Licensed by
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run July 5, 2003 September 27, 2003
Episodes13 (List of episodes)
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Rumiko Takahashi Anthology, also known as Rumic Theater, is a manga collective composed of many short stories written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. New stories are published annually in Shogakukan's Big Comic Original magazine (and other Shogakukan magazines) since 1987. In Japanese it has been published under several different names, including Takahashi Rumiko Gekijō (高橋留美子劇場) and Takahashi Rumiko Kessakushū (高橋留美子傑作集). Some editions are numbered 1–3 while other editions are unnumbered; volume 5 currently only exists in an unnumbered edition. It is also a thirteen episode anime adapted from short stories by Rumiko Takahashi. It was followed by the sequel series Mermaid Forest, adapting Takahashi's Mermaid Saga.


The Rumic Theater are manga short stories published periodically by Rumiko Takahashi since 1987. The majority of them are akin to her work Maison Ikkoku, in that they are domestic stories with a unique twist. An English language edition of the first two volumes was released by Viz Media in 1996. The six volumes published so far have individual titles:

  1. The Tragedy of P (Pii no Higeki, Pの悲劇)
  2. The Executive's Dog (Semmu no Inu, 専務の犬)
  3. Red Bouquet (Akai Hanataba, 赤い花束)
  4. Birds of Fate (Unmei no Tori, 運命の鳥)
  5. The Mirror Came (Kagami ga Kita, 鏡が来た)
  6. The Witch and the Dinner (Majo to Dinā, 魔女とディナー)

Stories published in English[edit]

  • "The Tragedy of P"
  • "The Merchant of Romance"
  • "Middle-Aged Teen"
  • "Hidden In The Pottery"
  • "Aberrant Family F"
  • "As Long As You Are Here"
  • "One Hundred Years of Love"
  • "In Lieu of Thanks"
  • "Living Room Lovesong"
  • "House of Garbage"
  • "One Day Dream"
  • "Extra-Large Size Happiness"
  • "The Executive's Dog"
  • "Bird of Fate"


The Tragedy of P[edit]

Japanese Title: P no higeki

The Merchant of Romance[edit]

Japanese Title: Roman no akindo

Middle-Aged Teen[edit]

Japanese Title: Oyaji Low Teen

  • Air Date: July 20, 2003
  • Toshi Furuda: Akira Kamiya/Doug Stone
  • Kazuko: Kazuko Sugiyama/Sonja S. Fox
  • Minoru Furuda: Kappei Yamaguchi/Kevin Hatcher
  • Emiri: Satsuki Yukino/Jennifer Sekiguchi
  • Co-Worker: Kazunari Tanaka/Michael McConnohie
  • Yuko's Husband: Wataru Takagi/Patrick Seitz
  • Doctor: Minoru Inaba/Doug Stone
  • Nurse: Sachi Matsumoto/Wendee Lee
  • Summary: A tough, business-minded father loses his memory and believes he is a teenager. He meets a young school girl and can't help but become smitten with her.

Hidden in the Pottery[edit]

Japanese Title: Hachi no naka

Aberrant Family F[edit]

Japanese Title:

As Long As You Are Here[edit]

Japanese Title: Kimi ga iru dake de

  • Air Date: August 10, 2003
  • Kochiro Domoto: Chikao Ohtsuka/Alfred Thor
  • Achara: Keiko Han/Reiko Matsuo
  • Hosoda: Minoru Yada/Reg Green
  • Sumiyo Domoto: Ikuko Tatsu/Georgette Riley
  • Narration: Ichiro Nagai/???
  • Part-Time Worker:Tomie Kataoka/Louise Chamis
  • Housewife: Chisato Nakajima/Hunter Mackenzie Austin
  • Summary: When Mr. Domoto is laid off of his prestigious job as a salaryman, his wife falls ill and asks him to fill in for her at the convenience store. There, his rough personality doesn't mesh well with his co-workers, but he learns from a hard-working foreigner named Achara to persevere.

One Hundred Years of Love[edit]

Japanese Title: Hyaku-nen no koi

  • Air Date: August 17, 2003
  • Risa Hoshino: Hiroko Emori/Louise Chamis
  • Koizumi: Satsuki Yukino/Hunter Mackenzie Austin
  • Date: Wataru Takagi/Michael McConnohie
  • Takanezawa: Yasunori Matsumoto/T.Axelrod
  • Doctor: Minoru Inaba/Stephen Martello
  • Risa's Son: Kozo Mito/Michael McConnohie
  • Senior Nurse: Chisato Nakajima/Barbara Goodson
  • Young Nurse: Sachi Matsumoto/Karen Thompson
  • Summary: Risa Hoshino comes back from the dead with amazing telekenetic powers. The old woman develops a crush on another patient and believes him to be the reincarnation of her jilted lover from decades ago.

In Lieu of Thanks[edit]

  • Japanese Title: Orei ni kaete
  • Air Date: August 24, 2003
  • Kobato: Satsuki Yukino/Michelle Ruff
  • Shiratori: Michie Tomizawa/Erika Schaffer
  • Ukai: Roko Takisawa/Jody Jaress
  • Kamoshita: Masayo Kurata/Erika Weinstein
  • Kyuu: Wataru Takagi/Jay Klein
  • Kobato's Son: Asako Dodo/Barbara Goodson
  • Mr. Kobato: Kazunari Tanaka/Sam Regal
  • Watari: Megumi Urawa/Lulu Chiang
  • Tachi: Ikuko Tatsu/Carrie Savage
  • Nakagawa: Sachi Matsumoto/Karen Thompson
  • Housewife: Chisato Nakajima/Hunter Mackenzie Austin
  • Summary: Mrs. Kobato finds herself in the middle of a battle between the stuck-up Mrs. Shiratori and the elderly Mrs. Ukai, who eventually bring a crab and a bird into the argument.

Living Room Lovesong[edit]

Japanese Title: Cha no ma no rabusongu

House of Garbage[edit]

Japanese Title: Poi no uchi

One Day Dream[edit]

Japanese Title: Higaeri no yume

Extra-Large Size Happiness[edit]

Japanese Title: L saizu no shiawase

The Executive's Dog[edit]

Japanese Title: Senmu no inu

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