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Industry Aircraft manufacture
Fate Liquidated
Founded 1909
Defunct 1920
Headquarters Berlin
Key people
Edmund Rumpler

Rumpler Flugzeugwerke, usually known simply as Rumpler was a German aircraft manufacturer founded in Berlin by Austrian engineer Edmund Rumpler in 1909 as Rumpler Luftfahrtzeugbau.[1] The firm originally manufactured copies of the Etrich Taube monoplane, but turned to building reconnaissance biplanes of its own design through the course of the First World War, in addition to a smaller number of fighters and bombers.[1][2]

Rumpler failed to secure a place in the post-war market, and was liquidated in 1920.[1]


Rumpler 6B1 lineup
William Augustus Wellman of Escadrille 89 in a captured German Rumpler

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