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Different shapes of buttocks to which rumpology can attribute different properties (from left to right, top to bottom: square, V-shaped, heart-shaped and round)[1].

Rumpology or bottom reading is a pseudoscience akin to physiognomy, performed by examining crevices, dimples, warts, moles and folds of a person's buttocks in much the same way a chirologist would read the palm of the hand.[2]


The term rumpology is a neologism. The late American astrologer Jackie Stallone claimed that rumpology is known to have been practiced in ancient times by the Babylonians, the Indians, and the Ancient Greeks and Romans,[3] although she provides no evidence for this claim. Stallone has been largely responsible for the supposed "revival" of rumpology in modern times.[citation needed]

Theory and practice[edit]

Rumpologists have a variety of theories as to the meaning of different posterior characteristics. According to Stallone, the left and right buttocks reveal a person's past and future, respectively, although she has also commented that "The crack of your behind corresponds to the division of the two hemispheres of the brain".[4] According to blind German clairvoyant and rumpologist Ulf Beck, an "apple-shaped, muscular bottom indicates someone who is charismatic, dynamic, very confident and often creative. A person who enjoys life. A pear-shaped bottom suggests someone very steadfast, patient and down-to-earth."[5] The British rumpologist Sam Amos claims that "A round bottom indicates the person is open, happy and optimistic in life. However, a flat bottom suggests the person is rather vain and is negative and sad."[6]

Rumpology can be performed either by sight, touch or by using buttock prints.[3] In addition to live readings, Jackie Stallone will perform buttock readings using e-mailed digital photographs,[7] and has claimed to predict the outcome of Presidential elections and Oscar awards by reading the bottoms of her two pet Doberman Pinschers.[8] Ulf Buck claims he can read people's futures by feeling their naked buttocks.[5]

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