Run, Run, Joe!

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Run, Run, Joe!
Run, Run, Joe!.jpg
Directed by Giuseppe Colizzi
Produced by Carlo Ponti
Starring Keith Carradine
Tom Skerritt
Music by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Cinematography Marcello Masciocchi
Edited by Antonio Siciliano
Release date
September 1974
Country Italy
Language English

Run, Run, Joe! (Italian: Arrivano Joe e Margherito, also known as Joe and Margherito) is an Italian action-comedy movie directed in 1974 by Giuseppe Colizzi. It is the penultimate movie of Colizzi, before the posthumously released Switch.[1] The movie reprises the style of the movies of the popular duo Bud Spencer-Terence Hill, that the same Colizzi had launched in 1967 in God Forgives... I Don't!.[1][2] It was co-produced with West Germany (where it is known as J & M - Dynamit in der Schnauze and Dufte Typen räumen auf), Spain (where it was released as Joe y Margherito) and France.


Joe is assigned to protect Don Salavatore who is about to leave Italy for the United States. Don Salavatore has a number of enemies but Joe is supported by a new friend, the courageous mariner Margherito. But even the efforts of both of them are eventually not sufficient to keep Don Salavatore alive. Since the mafia considers Joe accountable, the new friends have to seek cover. They start to pretend they were English.


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