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In simulation, run-time infrastructure (RTI) is a middleware that is required when implementing the High Level Architecture (HLA). RTI is the fundamental component of HLA. It provides a set of software services that are necessary to support federates to coordinate their operations and data exchange during a runtime execution. In other sense, it is the implementation of the HLA interface specification but is not itself part of specification. Modern RTI implementations conform to the IEEE 1516 and/or HLA 1.3 API specifications. These specifications do not include a network protocol for RTI. It is up to the implementors of an RTI to create a specification. Due to this, interoperability between RTI products and often, RTI versions, should not be assumed unless the vendor specifies interoperability with other products or versions.


Known implementations[edit]

Name Vendor Standard Bindings License
CAE RTI CAE Inc. 1.3, IEEE 1516 C++, Commercial
Chronos RTI Magnetar Games IEEE 1516 C++, .NET Commercial
MÄK High Performance RTI MÄK Technologies 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000, IEEE 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved) C/C++, Java Commercial
HLA Direct General Dynamics C4 Systems 1.3 ? Commercial
SimWare RTI Nextel Aerospace Defence & Security S.L. 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000 C++ Commercial
Openskies RTI Cybernet Systems 1.3, IEEE 1516 C++ Commercial
Pitch pRTI Pitch Technologies 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000, IEEE 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved) C++, Java, Web Services Commercial
Mitsubishi ERTI Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Mitsubishi Space Software Co. Ltd 1.3 C++ Commercial
Name Vendor Standard Bindings License
BH-RTI Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Virtual Reality Laboratory 1.3, IEEE 1516 ? ?
MATREX RTI Dynamic Animation Systems 1.3 C++, Java US Government
CERTI ONERA 1.3 partial, IEEE 1516 partial C++, Fortran90, Java, Matlab, Python GPL, LGPL
EODiSP HLA P&P Software IEEE 1516 partial Java GPL
The Portico Project (formerly jaRTI) Open LVC Group 1.3, IEEE 1516, IEEE-1516e C++, Java CDDL
Open HLA 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000, IEEE 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved) Java Apache License
OpenRTI FlightGear project 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000, IEEE 1516-2010 C++ Lesser General Public License
RTI-S Naval Warfare Development Command 1.3 partial, 1516e partial C++, Java, Ada US Government
Rendezvous RTI (formerly known as Reusable Architecture for Interoperable Universal Simulations Project # 94) National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan 1.3 C++, Java NUST
Name Vendor Standard Bindings License
RTI NG Pro Raytheon Company 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000, IEEE 1516-2010 (HLA-Evolved) C++, Java Commercial
GERTICO (German RTI based on Corba) Fraunhofer IOSB 1.3, IEEE 1516 C++ Bundeswehr
GMU RTI George Mason University 1.1 C++ Free software license
jaRTI (renamed to Portico) littlebluefrog labs 1.3 partial, IEEE 1516 partial C++, Java CDDL
RTI NG DMSO 1.3 C++, Java
SXTA IEEE 1516 C# BSD license
XRTI (Extensible Run-Time Infrastructure) Naval Postgraduate School IEEE 1516 Java BSD license
yaRTI (yet another RTI) 1.3 Ada, C++ GPL