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A run of ace through five (where the ace is low)

A run, straight or sequence is a combination of playing cards where cards have consecutive rank values.[1] Some games, such as cribbage, specify that an ace counts as one ("ace low"); others specify that an ace counts above a King ("ace high"); yet others, such as poker, allow an ace to count either high or low.

Runs are one of the two types of meld that may be used in games where melding is part of the play; the other being a set or group, such as a pair or triplet.

A natural sequence, as opposed to one that is wild, is one that consists purely of 'natural cards', without any wild cards such as jokers or deuces.[2]


Ace high 9 of diamonds10 of spadesJack of heartsQueen of clubsKing of heartsAce of hearts
7 of hearts8 of hearts9 of hearts10 of hearts
4 of spades5 of hearts6 of clubs
Ace low Ace of spades2 of hearts3 of hearts

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