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"Run Away"
Real McCoy - Run Away (single).jpg
Single by Real McCoy
from the album Another Night
  • July 7, 1994 (Europe)
  • March 1995 (USA)
Genre Eurodance
Length 4:03
Real McCoy singles chronology
"Automatic Lover (Call for Love)"
"Run Away"
"Love & Devotion"
"Automatic Lover (Call for Love)"
"Run Away"
"Love & Devotion"
Music video
"Run Away" on YouTube
Original European cover
Mc sar the real mccoy-run away s.jpg

"Run Away" is a hit single by the German music group Real McCoy (also known as M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy) from their album Another Night (1995), which is the American re-release of their second album Space Invaders (1994). The song was first produced in 1993 in Berlin, Germany by the music producers Juergen Wind (J.Wind) and Frank "Quickmix" Hassas.


"Run Away" was first released in Europe in 1994 as the group's third single from their album Space Invaders. When the song was released in America in March 1995 as single, it gained immense popularity and reached No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, where it was certified Gold, and No. 6 in the United Kingdom.

Critical reception[edit]

Billboard wrote about the song: "Follow-up to the certified platinum "Another Night" does not tamper with the European dance act's winning (and much-copied) formula of bouncy hi-NRG rhythms, topped with throaty male rapping and female chirping at the chorus. Single has already begun to gather deserved airplay from a number of crossover and top 40 stations on import—its domestic release almost guarantees instant success."[1]

The Gavin Report wrote: "The title of this one says it all. Programmers have been playing this import since late last year and now the official release is here. This one should be as big or bigger than their debut release, "Another Night.""[2]

Music & Media wrote: "Take a bit of this smooth slice of Eurodance, which serves as a preview for the forthcoming Space Invaders album. As the title implies ambient influences are present, even in the radio mixes. Once again, a bewildering array of remixes make sure there is something in there for everybody."[3]

Music video[edit]

"Run Away" has two music videos versions. The first version was made for the European market, directed by Matt Broadley.[4] It contains a desert-like setting starring singer Patricia "Patsy" Petersen walking in the desert while lipsycing the chorus vocals of studio singer Karan Kasar. The American version was directed by Nigel Dick and contains a factory-setting with many overworked "slave-like" workers; meanwhile the rapper Olaf "O-Jay" Jeglitza plays the role of "Big Brother," monitoring and performing the rap vocals while watching all the progress and demanding the workers to work harder while yelling at them.

Official versions[edit]

  • "Run Away" (Airplay Mix I) 3:52
  • "Run Away" (Airplay Mix II - Album Version) 3:58
  • "Run Away" (Album Version) 4:01 - taken from "Space Invaders" and is a label cut of the Club Attack Mix
  • "Run Away" (Club Attack Mix) 5:45
  • "Run Away" (Reel House Mix) 5:45
  • "Run Away" (Fly N' Away Mix) 6:00
  • "Run Away" (Hallucination Mix) 5:35
  • "Run Away" (Progressiv Mix) 4:30
  • "Run Away" (Pulsar Mix) 6:02
  • "Run Away" (Reel House Mix Edit - Video Mix) 3:05
  • "Run Away" (Sudden Boom Mix) 5:27 (Rare)



  • In October 1994, a promotional version of this track was released to select Rhythmic Top 40 / dance radio stations in Chicago and Orlando. This was a more upbeat and enhanced remix of the Space Invaders / Club Attack Mix, and was never released on any album or single.


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