Run Leia Run

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Run Leia Run
Directed by Adam Bertocci
Produced by Adam Bertocci
Written by Adam Bertocci
Starring Rachel J. Chadderdon
Will Abe Butler
Music by Brian Sadler
Distributed by TheForce.Net
Release date
  • January 22, 2003 (2003-01-22)
Running time
16 min
Language English
Budget $400

Run Leia Run is an animated Star Wars fan parody, that made its debut on the Internet in January 2003 following a premiere at Northwestern University. Created in Macromedia Flash by filmmaker Adam Bertocci, it crosses the story and style of Run Lola Run with the Star Wars universe in a retelling of The Empire Strikes Back, specifically the story of Han Solo's pursuit by bounty hunters and the Empire.

The film featured Arcade Fire member Will Butler as Han, and achieved success at mainstream film festivals in addition to fan events. Other cast members include Ben Fletcher as Darth Vader, who previously voiced the Sith Lord for fan films such as Knightquest and Broken Allegiance.

Run Leia Run garnered the Audience Award for Digital Animation at the 2003 Downstream International Film Festival in Decatur, GA and Best Animation at the Star Walking convention in Melbourne, Australia. Other notable screenings include DragonCon and the official Gen Con fan films track.

The UK magazine DVD Review mentioned the film in its September 2004 issue, saying "Overlaid with a throbbing hardcore soundtrack, this is wilder than a night out in the bars of Mos Eisley."

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