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Run archer with recurve bow and back quiver during a competition

Run archery is a discipline connecting archery with running. It is similar to the sport of biathlon.


Run archery was developed during the 1990s by European archery associations.[1] Since 2000, some countries in other areas like Russia, Hungary, the Netherlands[2] and Germany[3] have begun organizing annual national championships. Run archery was officially admitted as a discipline of the World Archery Federation in 2003.


Like in the sport of biathlon, participants start with running, and alternate between running and shooting series of three arrows at a 20cm wide target from 20m away. For scoring, it does not matter whether the target is hit in the center or at the edge. For each missed shot the athlete must run a penalty loop. The number of laps and target sizes depend on age and bow type. At the end, the fastest athlete wins. The bow must be held in hand during running; arrows can be left at the shooting range or may be carried in a back quiver.

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