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Run down
Run down (stew).jpg
Type Stew
Place of origin Jamaica, Tobago
Main ingredients Fish (typically mackerel), coconut milk, yams, tomatoes, onion, seasonings
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Run down, also referred to as rundown,[1] run dun,[2] fling-me-far and fling mi for[3] is a stew dish in Jamaican cuisine and Tobago cuisine[4] that typically consists of fish, reduced coconut milk,[2] yam, tomato,[5] onion and seasonings.[4][6] Mackerel and salted mackerel[4][7] is often used in the dish. Other fish are also used, including locally-caught fish, cod, salt cod, shad[2] other oily fish,[5] red snapper and swordfish.[8] Pickled fish,[9] bull pizzle and cassava are also sometimes used.[10] Traditionally, the dish is served with side dishes of dumplings and boiled green bananas.[11] The dish is also sometimes accompanied with baked breadfruit.[11] Run down is typically available in Jamaican restaurants,[8][12] and is also a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish.[7] The name appears to originate from the manner in which the fish is thoroughly cooked until it falls apart, or "runs down."[9]

In coastal areas of Colombia, "rundown" refers to conch stew.[13] This dish may be prepared with conch meat, salt pork, root vegetables, breadfruit and plantains cooked in coconut milk.[13]

In Trinidad[4] Grenada, and Barbados[13] a similar dish that utilizes palm oil is referred to as "oil-down", which is generally prepared with salted beef or pork, breadfruit, palm oil and seasonings boiled in coconut milk until it reaches a thick consistency.[4] This dish is similar to yumma, a Koongo dish.[4]

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