Run for Cover (film)

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Run for Cover
Run for Cover (film).jpg
Directed by Nicholas Ray
Produced by William H. Pine
William C. Thomas
Screenplay by Winston Miller
Story by Harriet Frank, Jr.
Irving Ravetch
Starring James Cagney
Viveca Lindfors
John Derek
Music by Howard Jackson
Cinematography Daniel Fapp
Edited by Howard Smith
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
April 29, 1955
Running time
93 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.5 million (US)[1]

Run for Cover is a 1955 western film directed by Nicholas Ray, starring James Cagney, Viveca Lindfors, John Derek, and in his final film, Jean Hersholt.[2] Distributed by Paramount Pictures, this film was made in VistaVision.


Matt Dow meets young cowboy Davey Bishop for the first time. As they take turns shooting at a hawk, a train that has recently been robbed goes by. Mistaking it for an attack by train robbers, a bag of money is tossed from the train toward the two men.

Dow and Davey take the money to town, where they are presumed to have robbed the train. Davey is shot, wounded and taken to the Swenson farm to recover. Matt explains what happened and is made welcome by Helga Swenson and her father.

The townspeople regret the shooting of Davey, whose limp will be permanent. Matt accepts a job as sheriff, trying to redeem himself for a shady past. He also begins to court Helga.

Outlaws led by a man named Morgan rob the town's bank. One recognizes Matt, which makes the townsfolk worry that he might be in on this. Matt sets out to capture one of the robbers, but Davey, now a deputy, fails to stop another thief from being lynched. And Helga's father is also accidentally killed.

A posse is formed, but after a hard ride, Matt and Davey are the only ones left. Bodies of most of the thieves are found dead with Comanche arrows in them. Davey double-crosses Matt, confessing that he was in on the robbery all along.

Davey and Matt are trapped by Comanches and hide the money. A wounded Matt tries to make it across a river. Davey and Morgan discuss how to get the money back. Davey decides to do the right thing at last and shoots Morgan, but mistakenly Matt believes that Davey has drawn a gun on him and shoots in self-defense. Davey is dead and Matt rides back to Helga to explain.


The title song Run for Cover is by Howard Jackson to lyrics by Jack Brooks.[3]


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