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Runa Capital
IndustryVenture Capital
FounderSerguei Beloussov
Ilya Zubarev
Dmitry Chikhachev
Number of locations
Silicon Valley
Area served
United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Israel, Southeast Asia
Key people
Serguei Beloussov
Ilya Zubarev
Dmitry Chikhachev
Andre Bliznyuk
Peter Bauert
Total assets$270 million
Partners: Andre Bliznyuk, Ilya Zubarev, Dmitry Chikhachev, Serguei Beloussov

Runa Capital is a global technology-focused venture capital firm. It provides early-stage funding for cloud computing services, hosted services, virtualization tools, complex software, and IT solutions for fintech, education, healthcare, and public services.[1]

The firm was founded on August 2, 2010 by Phystech classmates Serguei Beloussov, Ilya Zubarev and Dmitry Chikhachev.[2] Before launching Runa Capital Sergey and Ilya founded several global companies including Acronis and Parallels,[3] while Dmitry used to be chief operating officer at Uvenco Holding Limited.[4] Andre Bliznyuk, former head of Goldman Sachs’ Russia/CIS Equity Capital Markets Group became a partner in March 2011.

Runa Capital’s first fund, Runa Capital I, began with a $30 million initial commitment and reached $135 million by 2012.[4][5] The company is now aiming to raise $200 million for Runa Capital II, focusing on investments in USA, European Union, Israel and Eastern Europe[1][6]

So far the firm has made 48 investments,[7] including Nginx, Lingualeo, Brainly, Ecwid, Acumatica, Jelastic and Zopa.

Invested companies have access to the infrastructure of technological partners. Acronis, Parallels and other companies from the technology industry act as experts and help to find technical solutions and solve organizational and legal issues. At the same time they create a demand for cloud solutions of these startups.[3] Additionally, Runa Capital organizes its own educational activity for startups - Runa Bootcamp where participating startups receive education and advice from the fund's team, as well as guest speakers from the likes of Parallels, Acronis and other IT-companies.[8]

Most recently the firm opened offices in San Francisco's SOMA district with plans on doing more investment in North America, as well as to better support the existing investments it has already made in US companies.[9]

Science and industry relations[edit]

MIPT graduates Serguei Beloussov and Dmitry Chikhachev are also founding members of Phystech-Union NP, an association of high-profile Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology alumni that serve the University as consultants and financial supporters.[10][11]

Phystech-Union, together with MIPT, Runa Capital, Parallels, Acronis, 1C Company, ABBYY and Competentum, form the Phystech IT-cluster, a non-profit partnership chaired by Dmitry Chickachev. The organisation supervises the development of the Phystech XXI innovation cluster and Phystechpark, an innovation park based on MIPT’s campus. Runa Capital also cooperates with Innopolis University in Kazan, where Serguei Beloussov is a supervisory board member.[12][13]


Runa has made 5 exits to date:

  • ThinkGrid — acquired by Colt Technology Services in August 2012[14]
  • StopTheHacker — acquired by Cloudflare in February 2014[15]
  • Capptain — acquired by Microsoft in May 2014[16]
  • BackupAgent — acquired by Acronis in September 2014[17]
  • Metabar — acquired by Yandex in December 2014[18]
  • RocketBank — acquired by Otkrytie in April 2016[19]

Financial details for these deals have not been disclosed.


Company Field Date of investment Round[* 1] Amount ($ mln.)[* 2]
OnAir3G[20][21] Voice-enabled mobile social networking platform November, 2010 no data 2
Jelastic[22] Java application deployment platform November, 2010 no data 0,5
Metabar[23] E-commerce browser extension April, 2011 no data 1
TravelMenu[24] Online travel company May, 2011 A 1,6
BigTime[25][26] Integrated practice management tools developer August, 2011 A 2
Nginx[27] Web server October, 2011 A 3
ThinkGrid[28] Channel-focused cloud platform provider October, 2011 no data no data
Ecwid[29] Cloud e-commerce platform December, 2011 A 1,5
StopTheHacker[30] SaaS-based website security service provider February, 2012 A 1,1
TravelMenu[31] Online travel company March, 2012 B 3
Capptain[32] App management platform March, 2012 A 1,5
Lingualeo[33] Language learning platform June, 2012 A 3
B2B-Center[5][34] Operator of an online procurement marketplace June, 2012 no data 55
Infratel[35] Cloud-based contact center and customer experience tech company August, 2012 A 3[36] Learning management system, school document flow management and a social network September, 2012 B 5
Station X[37] Genomic data research tool September, 2012 B 5
Domosite[38] Neighbourhood management platform and social network October, 2012 A 1,2
Talkbits[39] Social-discovery voice-based mobile messaging app October, 2012 A 2
Eruditor Group ([40] Online marketplace for freelancers and businesses in the healthcare, beauty, sports and tutoring sectors October, 2012 A 4
ClipClock[41] Platform for sharing short videos November, 2012 A 2,5
Cellrox[42] BYOD solution for mobile devices January, 2013 A 4,7
Zopa[43] Peer-to-peer lending service January, 2013 no data no data[44] Peer-to-peer lending service February, 2013 A 2
Gruzobzor[45] Cloud-based logistics service February, 2013 A 1
Mambu[46] Cloud-based platform for microfinance services providers February, 2013 A 2
Ubank[47] Mobile payments provider February, 2013 A 8
BackupAgent[17][48] Provider of cloud backup to SMEs and telcos March, 2013 no data 2
Playtox[49] Free-to-play mobile browser-based games developer June, 2013 A 3
Venturocket[50] Talent and job discovery platform July, 2013 A 0,7
Eruditor Group ([51] Online marketplace for freelancers and businesses in the healthcare, beauty, sports and tutoring sectors August, 2013 B 12
Lendio[52] Peer-to-peer lending service for small businesses August, 2013 B 4,5
VitaPortal[53] Health advice portal September, 2013 B 1
Angry Citizen[54] Cloud-based complaint service for citizens October, 2013 seed 0,8
RocketBank[55] Mobile-first banking service October, 2013 seed 2
Nginx[56] Web server October, 2013 B 10
Wallarm[57] Security solution for applications November, 2013 seed 0,5
Acumatica[58][59] Cloud-based provider of business management software November, 2013 C 10
Anturis[60] IT monitoring service for small businesses December, 2013 A 2
CloudPartner[61] Cloud hosting January, 2014 A 2
Flashnotes[62] Peer-to-peer marketplace for college students February, 2014 A 3,6
Drchrono[63][64] EHR-platform for doctors and patients April, 2014 no data 2,69
Ecwid[65] Cloud e-commerce platform May, 2014 B 5
SchoolMint[66] Mobile-first enrollment and application management platform for schools September, 2014 seed 2,2
Brainly[67][68] A group of social learning networks for students and educators October, 2014 A 9,4
Nginx[69][70] Web server December, 2014 B1 20
LendingRobot[71] Machine-learning solution for peer-to-peer lending January, 2015 A 3
MariaDB[72] Open-source database company February, 2015 B 3,4
Lendio[73] Small-business lending marketplace March, 2015 C 20,5
Keymetrics[74] SaaS monitoring service for server infrastructure February, 2017 seed 1


  1. ^ If Runa Capital led the round, a table cell is colored brightly.
  2. ^ The total size of the round


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