Runcorn State High School

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Runcorn State High School
132 Hill Road
Brisbane, Queensland, 4113
Coordinates 27°35′32.48″S 153°4′38.09″E / 27.5923556°S 153.0772472°E / -27.5923556; 153.0772472Coordinates: 27°35′32.48″S 153°4′38.09″E / 27.5923556°S 153.0772472°E / -27.5923556; 153.0772472
Type state, secondary, co-ed
Motto Participation with Commitment
(We got eagles)
Established 1986
Enrolment 1150

Runcorn State High School is a government funded school located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was established in 1986 and has a population of about 1150 students in Years 8 to 12 (aged 12 to 17), 90+ teaching staff, and 40+ support staff.

Students are sorted into pastoral care groups within their year levels and populate from 20 - 25 in each group. The PCs are simply named as: 8A - 8L, 9A - 9L, 10A - 10L, 11A - 11L, 12A - 12L Three PCs in each year level are assigned to one of the four Houses which are: Selsey (Yellow), Tarsett (Green), Nathan (Red) & Sirett (Black).

Compulsory subjects; through all year levels include Maths and English. In the junior school, students must also study SOSE, Science, Physical Education and a language. Students have other options such as drama, media, art or business.

Teaching staff at Runcorn are an aspect of the school.

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