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Rundle Academy is a part of the Rundle College[1] Family of Schools. Rundle Academy (est. 1996) is an Independent School in Calgary, Alberta, that specializes in the instruction of students who have learning disabilities. Students at Rundle Academy typically have an average to above average intelligence but struggle in one or more areas of learning. As a result, the students typically underachieve in one of their core academic areas.

The school has a population of 200 students in Grades 4-12. The classes at Rundle Academy range from 6 students per class in Elementary to 10 students per class in High School. Teachers utilize differentiated instruction and differentiated assessment to help their students achieve their personal best. All classrooms are equipped with assistive technology to help students. These technologies include: ActivBoards, SMART Boards, Neo personal word processors, laptop computers and desktop computers. Rundle Academy follows the Alberta Learning Curriculum and aims to have each of its students graduate with a High School Diploma.

Rundle Academy offers a wide range of options and extracurricular programs to its students. Some options that are available are Drama, Art, Outdoor Education, Fitness, and Home Economics. Athletic extracurricular activities include: Badminton, Wrestling, Cross Country Running, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Floor Hockey and Track & Field.

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