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This article is about the Bury Tomorrow album. For the Led Zeppelin album sometimes referred to as Runes, see Led Zeppelin IV.
Bury Tomorrow - Runes album cover.jpg
Studio album by Bury Tomorrow
Released 26 May 2014 (2014-05-26)
Genre Metalcore, melodic metalcore
Length 49:26
Label Nuclear Blast
Bury Tomorrow chronology
The Union of Crowns
Singles from Runes
  1. "Man on Fire"
    Released: 24 February 2014
  2. "Of Glory"
    Released: 13 May 2014

Runes is the third studio album by British metalcore band Bury Tomorrow. It was released on 26 May 2014. The album is named after the Rune Poems and is the band's first to feature Kristan Dawson, who replaced founding member Mehdi Vismara as Bury Tomorrow's lead guitarist in 2013. It was revealed on 1 June 2014 that Runes had reached number 34 in the official UK charts and was also number 1 in the official UK Rock Chart.

Background and release[edit]

The band felt pressure during the recording of Runes in it being a follow up to The Union of Crowns.[1] At the end of the recording process Daniel Winter-Bates reflected positively on Runes saying that although this was the first time the band had recorded an album being apart of a record label, since he didn't think about it, it didn't affect his performance. He further noted the band thrives under the pressure of feeling alone in the process and pushing themselves.[2]

The album's title "Runes" is derived from the Runic language system and the poems which describe each letters meaning.[2]

The band's first song from the album, 'Watcher' debuted on BBC Radio 1 late night Rock Show on 6 January 2014[3] and a few days later was made available to stream.[4] Preorders became available on 20 February, and were announced on the band's official Facebook, along with bundle packs with other promotional material.[5] They intend to release a regular and a bonus version of the album; the original will contain the 13 tracks,[6] whilst the 'Bonus Version' will contain three exclusive tracks, along with a music video for the album's first single 'Man On Fire'[7] which was released on 25 February.[8] The second single and music video was released on 13 May, for the song "Of Glory".[9] The album was made available for exclusive streaming by Rocksound on 21 May 2014.[10]



Daniel Winter-Bates has commented that the record is "much heavier and faster than anything we've done before".[2] However, he noted that because of the band's stylistic diversity they have room to incorporate heavier and lighter elements with ease.[1]

Daniel Winter-Bates has commented that with the addition Kristan Dawson the band was able to include much more technical guitar riffs into their style.[2] The band had often referenced an affection for Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying and the influence these band's had on both Runes and the band as a whole.[1][11] And have gone as far to say they want to "fly the flag" for old school metalcore.[2]


Dani Winter-Bates explains that each song on the album draws inspiration from a runic symbol. 'Man Of Fire' is explained to be about "...the struggle of humankind’s sanity in an ever-changing world. The song itself is linked with the Rune for Man/Humankind and follows lyrically the ideas of a figure fighting their own thoughts and their fears getting the better of them."[12] Mannaz () is the rune that represents Man On Fire as they sold shirts with that rune representing that song.[13] When the second single "Of Glory" was released, Bates explained that the song " about making it through the struggles in life and disregarding naysayers and people that bring negativity.”[9]

Each rune is linked to a song, which according to the album track listing are:


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
All About The Rock 9/10 stars[14]
Bring The Noise 9/10 stars[15] 4/5 stars[16]

Writing for All About The Rock, Zack Slabbert said "If you’re a metalcore fan then this is another album to add to your collection. It’s filled with awesome breakdowns and the guitar riffs on this album are so catchy and get stuck in your head instantly".[14]

Chart performance[edit]

Runes enetered the Official UK Chart at number 34. It also debuted on the Official Rock Chart at number 1. The album also had success in the US, reaching number 16 on the Top Heatseekers chart.


All music composed by Bury Tomorrow[6].

No. Title Length
1. "Man on Fire"   4:01
2. "Shadow, a Creator"   4:39
3. "The Torch"   4:14
4. "Watcher"   4:44
5. "Our Gift"   3:36
6. "Darker Water"   3:19
7. "Another Journey"   3:10
8. "Under the Sun"   3:31
9. "Year of the Harvest"   3:32
10. "Garden of Thorns"   5:03
11. "Divine Breath"   1:30
12. "Of Glory"   4:32
13. "Last of the Ice"   3:35
Total length:


Bury Tomorrow


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