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The Nordsjælland Cobras were a Danish professional ice hockey team that used to play in the top Danish ice hockey league AL-Bank Ligaen. After filing for bankruptcy at the end of the 2009-2010 season, the team was excluded from the following season.


They changed name from the Rungsted Cobras to the Nordsjælland Cobras in 2004, but they are still based in Rungsted. The team won the Danish national championship in 2003.

According to the club, the shortfall is due to sponsorship money that has not been paid due and the current economic crisis has left club owners unable to cover the shortfall. In an effort to help, Cobras' arch-rival Rødovre Mighty Bulls has announced it will play an exhibition game during the national team break (now through February 10) against the Cobras, with all proceeds going to the Cobras. On April 7, 2011, they announced that they will delay their comeback to AL-Bank Ligaen by a year.[1]

Squad 2008-09[edit]




  • 6 Rasmus Brendstrup
  • 10 Nick Samsøe
  • 11 Morten H. Poulsen
  • 12 Lasse Degn
  • 16 Mads Linke
  • 18 Kasper Weis
  • 19 Patrick Jarrett
  • 21 Bjørn Østergaard
  • 22 Andreas Sabroe
  • 81 Richard Hallgren


  • Head Coach: Gunnar Leidborg

Former players[edit]

  • Kory Baker
  • Peter Becher Nielsen
  • Fraser Clair
  • Brad DeFauw
  • Kasper Degn
  • Lasse Degn
  • Kerry Ellis-Toddington
  • Magnus Eriksson
  • Milan Gajic
  • Emil Jensen
  • Anders Joensen
  • Niklas Karmhag
  • Tobias Kisum
  • Grady Moore
  • Peter Nielsen
  • Mikko Niinikoski
  • Johan Olsson
  • Nicklas Plambeck
  • Christoffer Rasmussen
  • Mattias Remstam
  • Jonathan Sjölund
  • Daniel Wallin
  • John Wikström


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