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Graphic overview of the rump kernel

The NetBSD rump kernel is the first implementation of the "anykernel" concept where drivers either can be compiled into and/or run in the monolithic kernel or in user space on top of a light-weight rump kernel.[1][2][3][4] The NetBSD drivers can be used on top of the rump kernel on a wide range of POSIX operating systems, such as the Hurd,[5] Linux, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Solaris and even Cygwin, along with the file system utilities[6] built with the rump libraries. The rump kernels can also run without POSIX directly on top of the Xen hypervisor, the L4 microkernel in Genode OS or even on "OS-less" bare metal.


An anykernel is different in concept from microkernels, exokernels, partitioned kernels or hybrid kernels in that it tries to preserve the advantages of a monolithic kernel, while still enabling the faster driver development and added security in user space.[7] The "anykernel" concept refers to an architecture-agnostic approach to drivers where drivers can either be compiled into the monolithic kernel or be run as a userspace process, microkernel-style, without code changes.[8] With drivers, a wider concept is considered where not only device drivers are included but also file systems and the networking stack.

File System Access Utilities[edit]

The File System Access Utilities (fs-utils) is a subproject built with the rump libraries. It aims to have a set of utilities to access and modify a file system image without having to mount it. The fs-utils does not require superuser account to access to the image or device. The advantage of fs-utils over similar projects such as mtools is supporting the usage of familiar with filesystem Unix commands (ls, cp, mv, cd, etc.) for a large number of file systems which are supported by NetBSD.[9]

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