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Running Man

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Running Man may refer to:



Film and television


Other uses

  • Running man (dance)
  • The Running Man (video game), a 1989 game based on the 1987 film
  • Robert Garside (born 1967), the first person to run around the world, uses the alias "the Runningman"
  • Barred lambda, a symbol used in phonetic notation
  • The Running Man Nebula, a reflection nebula embedded in Sh2-279
  • "Running Man", a song by Hanson on the album The Walk
  • "Running Man", a song by Al Stewart on the album 24 Carrots
  • A standard symbol used on an exit sign
  • Another word for a "bagman" in organized crime
  • The Glico man, a famous advertisement in Osaka, Japan
  • The "Running Man" semigraphics characters from Apple's MouseText, Unicode points U+1FBB2 and U+1FBB3
  • "Running Man" Mascot of AIM

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