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This article is about the 1986 British television drama. For films of the same name, see Running Scared.

Running Scared is a six-part British television children's drama serial produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC 1 between 15 January 1986 and 19 February 1986, based on the Bernard Ashley novel and set in Forest Gate and other parts of east London with the Woolwich Ferry featuring in a key scene.

A gritty series, Running Scared deals with a teenage girl, Paula Prescott (Julia Millbank), whose life is put at risk when she uncovers evidence that could put a local criminal gang leader Charlie Elkin (played by Christopher Ellison) behind bars.

The series is notable for its use of the then recently released Kate Bush pop song Running Up That Hill as its main theme tune.


  1. Part One (TX: 15 January 1986; Rpt: 23 March 1988)
  2. Part Two (TX: 22 January 1986; Rpt: 30 March 1988)
  3. Part Three (TX: 29 January 1986; Rpt: 6 April 1988)
  4. Part Four (TX: 5 February 1986; Rpt: 13 April 1988)
  5. Part Five (TX: 12 February 1986; Rpt: 20 April 1988)
  6. Part Six (TX: 19 February 1986; Rpt: 27 April 1988)


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