Running in the Family (song)

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"Running in the Family"
Single by Level 42
from the album Running in the Family
Released February 1987
Recorded 1986
Length 3:57 (7 edit)
6:12 (album version)
Label Polydor - POSP 842
Songwriter(s) M. King, Wally Badarou, Phil Gould
Producer(s) Wally Badarou, Level 42

"Running in the Family" is a single released in 1987 by the British band Level 42, from the album Running in the Family. The song had different lyrics when sung at the Wembley Arena in 1986 (this can be found on YouTube). It was then popped up for the release of the single which had significant success, reaching #6 on the UK Singles Chart and #9 in New Zealand,[1] but only reaching #83 in the United States. It was part of a series of single successes by the group and brought Level 42 fame in countries where they were previously little-known, such as the United States, Germany and Norway.

Some of the 7 inch versions pressed in the UK had a fault, as when a customer bought the record, the record would skip various times. This was soon corrected when a set of 7 inches were released without these faults during its chart run.

Music video[edit]

The music video was recorded on a multi-coloured platform, which rotated in the same manner as a vinyl record. It features all the contemporary members of the band: Mark King, Mike Lindup, Boon Gould and Phil Gould. The musicians take turns in switching between "active" when they are performing, and "inactive", where they stand perfectly still as if a colored statue, when they are not. The video was produced by Wally Badarou.

Original Release[edit]

7": Polydor / POSP 842 (UK)[edit]

  1. "Running in the Family" - 3:57
  2. "Dream Crazy" - 3:50

12": Polydor / POSPX 842 (UK)[edit]

  1. "Running in the Family" (Extended Version) - 6:10
  2. "Dream Crazy" - 3:50
  3. "Running in the Family" (7" Version) - 3:57
  • also available on German CD single (Polydor / 885 518-2)

12": Polydor / POSXX 842 (UK)[edit]

  1. "Running in the Family" (Extended Version) - 6:10
  2. "Dream Crazy" - 3:50
  3. "Running in the Family" (7" Version) - 3:57
  4. "World Machine" (Shep Pettibone Remix) - 5:39
  5. "World Machine" (Dub) - 5:00
  • Limited edition 2x12" release

Cover versions[edit]

In 2007, Spanish singer José Galisteo covered the song on his debut album Remember.