Runnisaidpur (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

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Vidhan Sabha constituency
Runnisaidpur is located in Bihar
Location in Bihar
Coordinates: 26°22′59″N 85°29′0″E / 26.38306°N 85.48333°E / 26.38306; 85.48333Coordinates: 26°22′59″N 85°29′0″E / 26.38306°N 85.48333°E / 26.38306; 85.48333
Country  India
State Bihar
District Sitamarhi
Constituency No 29
Type Open
Lok Sabha constituency 5. Sitamarhi
Electoral system First past the post

Runnisaidpur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) (Hindi: रुन्नी-सैदपुर विधान सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र) is an assembly constituency in Sitamarhi district in the Indian state of Bihar.


As per Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies Order, 2008, 29. Runnisaidpur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Runni Saidpur community development block; Gaura, Mohini, Pandaul Buzurg, Bath Asli and Kauria Raipur gram panchayats of Nanpur CD Block.[1]

Runnisaidpur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is part of 5. Sitamarhi (Lok Sabha constituency).[1]

Election results[edit]


In the bihar legislative election 2015 rjd candidate smt mangita devi who is daughter in law of ex mla late bhola rai defeated the NDA candidate and became first time MLA of Runnisaidpur In the November 2010 and October 2005 state assembly elections, Gudi Devi of JD(U) won the 29 Runnisaidpur assembly seat defeating her nearest rivals Ram Shatrughan Rai of RJD in November 2010 and Bhola Rai of RJD in October 2005. Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners and runners are being mentioned. Bhola Rai of RJD defeated Azam Hussain Anwar of LJP in February 2005 and Anil Kumar Singh of JD(U) in 2000. Bhola Rai of JD defeated Padmasha Jha of Congress in 1995. Nawal Kishore Shahi of JD defeated Girija Nandan Yadav of BJP in 1990. Nawal Kishore Shahi of JP defeated Vivekanand Giri of Congress in 1985. Vivekanand Giri of Congress defeated Nawal Kishore Shahi of Janata Party(JP) in 1980. Nawal Kishore Shahi of JP defeated Tapeswar Rai, Independent, in 1977.[2][3]


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