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Runnymede is an unincorporated community in Harper County, Kansas, United States. It was named after Runnymede, in England.[1]


Runnymede was touted by an Irish promoter as a planned community in Kansas to wealthy Irish and Great British families in the United Kingdom as a place in a "dry" state where their sons could come to begin a career as gentlemen farmers. Begun in 1888, the speculative though impressive scheme essentially collapsed within four years. The livery stable burned down in 1890. Other buildings were moved two miles south close to the new constructed rail line. In 1891, the large church was moved to the city of Harper, Kansas where it now serves as a museum. The centerpiece of the town was a hotel that was partly disassembled and moved into the recently opened Cherokee Strip in Alva, Oklahoma in 1893. It remains in use there today, thanks to a successful local effort at restoration.[2]

A post office was opened in Runnymede in 1879, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1944.[3]

Area attractions[edit]

  • Kansas Historical Marker - Old Runnymede.[4]


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