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Origin Juva, Finland
Genres industrial metal, alternative metal
Years active 2002−present
Labels EMI, Kråklund Records
Members Patrik Mennander
Anssi Auvinen
Mika Kamppi
Teemu Karppinen
Past members Kai Ahvenranta
Sami Karppinen
Timo Laatikainen

Ruoska (In Finnish "whip") is a Finnish metal band from the Juva municipality. Singer Patrik Mennander combines low, growling vocals with conventional singing. The lyrics are exclusively in Finnish.

Before becoming Ruoska, the founding members had a band called Natsipaska.


The beginnings, Kuori and Riisu (2002−2003)[edit]

Ruoska was formed in 2002, with some of the same members from the previous comical rock band Natsipaska. They released their debut album Kuori the same year. The albums was well received by fans and critics and the fanbase began to gradually grow.[citation needed] After making two music videos, "Kiroan" and "Epilogi", and releasing one single, "Aurinko ei Nouse", the band returned to the studio and recorded their second album, Riisu in 2003, from which came one single: "Darmstadt". After this release, Ruoska established a much more industrial sound and had more machines involved. After doing a few gigs, the Ruoska's lead singer Patrik Mennander joined the Finnish symphonic metal band Battlelore for a while.

Radium and Amortem (2004−2007)[edit]

After returning to the band, Mennander and Ruoska started working on a new album, and shortly after that, in 2005, Radium was released. The new album, which had a hybrid electro, pop-rock and metal sound, brought a lot of new fans to the band.[citation needed] One single and music video from the album were released (Tuonen Viemää). At this point the band was well noticed throughout Finland, and begun to gain popularity on an international level. Ruoska also made a decision to change from Kråklund Records to a multinational recording company, EMI Music.

When they went back to the studio, Ruoska created a new unique sound that was represented by their new album, Amortem in 2006. The singles "Mies yli Laidan", "Alasin" and "Pure Minua" were big hits,[citation needed] and "Mies yli Laidan" and "Alasin" were turned into music videos, "Mies yli Laidan" immediately being very popular.[citation needed] The album itself debuted at sixth place in Finnish radio charts for almost 10 weeks.[citation needed] After the release of Amortem, one of the band's guitarists, Kai Ahvenranta, left the band to spend more time with his family, although he still continues to do studio work with the band. The band grew bigger than ever before and, now with a large fanbase, Ruoska had new gigs such as Puustock 2007 and Välipuistorock 2007.[citation needed]

Rabies, the hiatus and the present (2008−present)[edit]

Ruoska's fifth album Rabies was released on April 9, 2008. Two singles from this album, "Pirunkieli" and "Helvettiin Jäätynyt" (released before the album) became hits,[citation needed] but not as big as Mies yli laidan and Alasin. They released a music video for "Ei Koskaan", which had a direct connection with the music video "Mies yli laidan".[citation needed] Ruoska's "Rabies tour" lasted from 29 March 2008 to 17 May 2008. The band's success is continuously spreading all across Europe, and in the U.S. and South America as well.[citation needed] At Jurassic Rock on August 8, 2008, Mennander said that Ruoska would be on hiatus for about a year.[citation needed] In May 2009, Ruoska announced that they will have a gig at Motopark Festival on July 18, 2009. At that gig, the band's drummer was Timo Laatikainen.

It was also announced that Ruoska was no longer with EMI.[citation needed] EMI had an option with Ruoska for one more album, but the option was not used because of the lack of new songs.[citation needed] The band's current status regarding being signed to a label is unknown.

In local city magazine "Mikkelin kaupunkilehti (nr. 30/2011)", they announced that they have some new songs in demo stage. Also, according to the interview they are not planning to retire in near future and there has also been some plans about touring in Poland.[citation needed]


Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

Note: Kai Ahvenranta still does some studio work with the band.




Music videos[edit]

  • "Kiroan" (2002)
  • "Epilogi" (2002)
  • "Tuonen Viemää" (2005)
  • "Mies yli Laidan" (2006)
  • "Alasin" (2006)
  • "Ei Koskaan" (2008)

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