Rupal Glacier

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Rupal Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Pakistan
Coordinates 35°8′36″N 74°24′52″E / 35.14333°N 74.41444°E / 35.14333; 74.41444
Status unknown

Rupal Glacier or Tashain Glacier is a glacier in the Great Himalaya subrange of Himalayas. It starts north of an unnamed 6,326 m (20,755 ft) high peak (35°8′35.93″N 74°24′52.46″E / 35.1433139°N 74.4145722°E / 35.1433139; 74.4145722) and flows northeastward, north of Laila Peak (Rupal Valley) and south of Nanga Parbat's many peaks. The meltwater from the glacier forms Rupal River.

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