Rupert of Deutz

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Rupert of Deutz

Rupert of Deutz (Latin: Rupertus Tuitiensis; c. 1075/1080 – c. 1129) was an influential Benedictine theologian, exegete and writer on liturgical and musical topics.


Rupert was from Liège, and late in life became abbot of the Abbey of Deutz, in what is now a suburb of Cologne. His was a prolific writer, and his works take up four volumes in Patrologia Latina (vols. 167–170); they include:

  • De voluntate Dei
  • De omnipotentia Dei
  • Commentaria in canticum canticorum
  • De divinis officiis
  • De Victoria Verbi Dei (The Victory of the Word of God).[1]
  • De Gloria et Honore Filii Hominis super Mattheum (The Glory and Honor of the Son of Man), composed about 1127.[2]
  • De Trinitate et operibus eius, written around 1112–16.[3]
  • De glorificatione Trinitatis et processione Spiritus sancti, written in 1128.[4]

His works were later scrutinized in relation with the doctrine of impanation, a Eucharistic heresy according to the Roman Catholic Church because, contrary to the dogma of transubstantiation wherein the substance (but not the appearances and physical characteristics) of the bread and wine is wholly converted into the substance of Christ's Body and Blood, united to his divine person, impanation maintains that Christ directly unites the substance of the bread and wine to his divine person (or sometimes to his human nature), just as he united his own body and blood to his divine person.[5] They influenced the theology in particular of Honorius Augustodunensis and Gerhoch of Reichersberg.

He died in Deutz.[6]


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