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Rupert of Hentzau was a 1964 British television series based on the novel Rupert of Hentzau, which ran for six half-hour episodes. It starred George Baker, Barbara Shelley, Peter Wyngarde, John Phillips, Tristram Jellinek, Sally Home and Derek Blomfield. It was recorded at the BBC Television Centre in Wood Lane, west London. All six episodes are listed as being lost.[1]


Three years after the events of the Prisoner of Zenda, Queen Flavia writes to her true love, an Englishman named Rudolf Rassendyll. The letter is intercepted by Rupert of Hentzau, an out-of-favour aristocrat, who sees a chance of re-establishing himself at court by bringing news of the letter to the Ruritanian King.

Rassendyll is forced to travel to Ruritania to help the Queen, and is then forced to take the place of the King once more following his assassination.


  • "The Queen's Goodbye":[2] 19 April 1964
  • "Return to Zenda":[3] 26 April 1964
  • "Audience with the King":[4] 3 May 1964
  • "The Wheel of Chance": 10 May 1964
  • "A Perilous Reunion": 17 May 1964
  • "The Decision of Fate": 24 May 1964


Actor Role
George Baker Rudolf Rassendyll
Barbara Shelley Queen Flavia
Peter Wyngarde Rupert of Hentzau
John Phillips Colonel Zapt
Tristram Jellinek Fritz von Tarlenheim
Sally Home Helga von Tarlenheim
Derek Blomfield Count Luzau-Rischenheim
John Breslin Bauer
Mark Burns Lieutenant Bernenstein
Nora Gordon Mother Holf
Robert James James
Amanda Reiss Rosa Holf


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