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The Rural Municipality of Archie is a former rural municipality (RM) in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was originally incorporated as a rural municipality on December 22, 1883.[1] It ceased on January 1, 2015 as a result of its provincially mandated amalgamation with the RM of Ellice and the Village of St. Lazare to form the Rural Municipality of Ellice – Archie.[2]

Archie was named in 1883 after Archie McDonald, a chief factor with the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Ellice. Its economic base is primarily agriculture and the geography includes the Assiniboine River and related valleys. It is about 345 square kilometres and the largest centre is McAuley. It borders a small part of the Birdtail Sioux First Nation in its northeast section.



Name In Office
Samuel Leslie 1884–1887
John Traquair 1888–1889
R. J. Anderson 1890–1894
Charles Poole 1895–1910
William Macdonald 1911–1916
Robert J. Hewitt 1917–1922; 1927; 1929–1937
J. E. Jamieson 1923–1926
William Pateman 1938–1957
C. Donald McAree 1958–1967
E. Arthur Poole 1968–1971
Stuart A. Grant 1972–1975
Ronald J. McAuley 1976–1977
Aime J. Hudon 1978–1988
Robert B. Peters 1989
C. Terrance Johnson 1990–1992; 1999–2001
Charles U. Lowes 1993–1998; 2002–2004
Brian Bajus Incumbent

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Coordinates: 50°11′47″N 101°19′27″W / 50.19639°N 101.32417°W / 50.19639; -101.32417