Rural Municipality of Brokenhead

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Brokenhead is a rural municipality in the province of Manitoba in Western Canada that was incorporated November 15, 1900.[1] The separately administered town of Beausejour lies within the borders of the municipality, south of its centre.

The municipality had a population of 4,635 in the Canada 2011 Census, an increase of 17.6 per cent over its population of 3,940 in the Canada 2006 Census.[2] The municipality is adjacent on its western and southern sides to, but not a part of, the Census Metropolitan Area of Winnipeg.


The municipality includes and governs the hamlets of Brokenhead, Cloverleaf, Cromwell, Garson, Green Bay, Hazelglen, Ladywood, Lydiatt, St. Ouens and Tyndall. It surrounds but does not include the incorporated town of Beausejour, although the two municipalities share some of their administrative services.

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