Rural Municipality of Cornwallis

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An old barn on Provincial Road #349 just south of the city of Brandon, Manitoba.

Cornwallis is a rural municipality located in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It surrounds the east, south and west sides of Brandon, Manitoba. Most of the land comprising the municipality is farmland, but it contains a few settlements. One of the larger settlements, Sprucewoods, sits at the north gate of Canadian Forces Base Shilo and contains a large group of the municipal population. In the past, there has been friction between the community and the farming base that make up much of Cornwallis.

The municipality is divided into six wards, each represented by one councillor. The council is made up of the six councillors and the reeve, or head of council.


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Coordinates: 49°47′53″N 99°50′53″W / 49.79806°N 99.84806°W / 49.79806; -99.84806