Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158

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Edenwold No. 158
The community of Emerald Park
The community of Emerald Park
Official seal of Edenwold No. 158
Edenwold No. 158 is located in Saskatchewan
Edenwold No. 158
Edenwold No. 158
Location in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 50°38′51″N 104°20′56″W / 50.6475°N 104.349°W / 50.6475; -104.349Coordinates: 50°38′51″N 104°20′56″W / 50.6475°N 104.349°W / 50.6475; -104.349
Rural MunicipalityDecember 9, 1912
 • Total882.67 km2 (340.80 sq mi)
 • Total3,611
 • Density4.1/km2 (11/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−06:00 (CST)

The Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158 is located in south east Saskatchewan, encompassing 849.04 km2 (327.82 sq mi), almost directly adjacent to the eastern border of the city of Regina and surrounds the towns of White City, Balgonie, Pilot Butte and the village of Edenwold. Other municipal neighbours include six First Nations and six rural municipalities. In November 2018, the RM office moved to 100 Hutchence Road in Emerald Park.

Emerald Park is a high-density development under the jurisdiction of the RM and within the RM of Edenwold and is home to approximately 1,700 residents and 130 businesses. As of the 2016 Census,[1] the population of the RM was 4,490,making it the second largest rural municipality in the province and the 19th largest municipality in the province overall.


The RM was incorporated December 9, 1912.[2] Other localities in the area include Balgonie, Copper Sand Trailer Park, Dreghorn, Edenwold, Emerald Park, Franksburg, Frankslake, Jameson, Kathrintal Colony, Milaty, Pilot Butte, Poplar Park, Richardson, Seitzville, White City, and Zehner.[3][4]

Austrian settlers to the area named it:

'Eden' is German for the Garden of Eden, and 'wald' is forest.

— Edenwold No. 158[5]

In this area, the loggerhead shrike (Lanius ludovicianus excubitorides) and Sprague's pipit (Anthus spragueii) are both threatened species that are being monitored by conservationists.[6]

A rural municipality is an administrative district consisting of an elected reeve, councillors, and administrator who provide essential services within their area.

A person could work for the municipality and have his earnings put toward the taxes on his land; at one time, money collected in each Division stayed in that Division....The RM has as its responsibilities for many areas: agricultural programs and concerns in general; tax collections for needs of the municipality - road construction and maintenance; protective services - pest control, fire protection, weed control, environmental development, cultural and educational services; medical and veterinary needs and so forth.

— Tecumseh No. 65[7]



The RM of Edenwold experiences a dry humid continental climate (Köppen: Dfb) in the NRC Plant Hardiness Zone 3b.[8] The RM of Edenwold has warm summers and cold, dry winters, prone to extremes at all times of the year.


The list of communities are within the municipalities land area.





Canada census – Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158 community profile
Population: 3,611 =4,490 (23.8% from 2001)
Land area: 882.67 km2 (340.80 sq mi)
Population density: 4.1/km2 (11/sq mi)
Median age: N/A (M: N/A, F: N/A)
Total private dwellings: 1,209
Median household income: $171,031
References: 2006[9] earlier[10]



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