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The Rural Municipality of Glenella is a former rural municipality (RM) in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was originally incorporated as a rural municipality on April 10, 1920.[1] It ceased on January 1, 2015 as a result of its provincially mandated amalgamation with the RM of Lansdowne to form the Municipality of Glenella – Lansdowne.[2]

The RM had a population of 555 in 1996 and 518 in 2001.[3] It was situated west of Lake Manitoba, northeast of Brandon and northwest of Winnipeg. Provincial Road 261 was slightly north of Glenella.


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Coordinates: 50°34′21″N 99°07′24″W / 50.57250°N 99.12333°W / 50.57250; -99.12333