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Kelsey is a rural municipality in the province of Manitoba in Western Canada. It consists of several disjoint parts. The largest part is Carrot Valley, located around and southwest of The Pas along the Carrot River, but the communities of Wanless (54°11′40″N 101°22′22″W / 54.19444°N 101.37278°W / 54.19444; -101.37278) and Cranberry Portage (54°35′12″N 101°22′41″W / 54.58667°N 101.37806°W / 54.58667; -101.37806), located further north, are also part of the municipality. It is 867.64 km² large. Also lying in the area around The Pas is the Opaskwayak Cree Nation Indian reserve.



According to the 2011 National Household Survey,[1] the population of Kelseys is 2,125. The population density was 2.6 per km². The racial make up of Kelsey is solely made up of Aboriginals (44.0%); First Nations (23.1%) and Metis (20.7%), and Whites (56.0%). The religious make up of Kelsey is; Christian (74.5%), non-religious (25.5%). Every resident of Kelsey is a Canadian citizen. About 4.0% of the population can speak a language that is not recognized as an official language of Canada.

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Coordinates: 53°44′08″N 101°23′42″W / 53.73556°N 101.39500°W / 53.73556; -101.39500