Rural Municipality of Sasman No. 336

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Sasman No. 336 is a rural municipality in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, located in the Census Division 10. The seat of the municipality is located in the Hamlet of Kuroki.

The name is a portmanteau of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.[1]


In 2006, Sasman No. 336 had a population of 960 in 660 dwellings, a 0.2% increase from 2001. On a surface of 1,006.49 km2 it has a density of 1.0 inhabitants/km2.[2]

Communities and localities[edit]

The following urban municipalities are surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Sasman No. 336:

  • none
  • none
Resort villages
  • none

The following hamlets are located within the Rural Municipality of Sasman No. 336:

  • none
special service areas
  • none
Organized hamlets
Unincorporated hamlets
  • none



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Coordinates: 51°59′13″N 103°29′38″W / 51.987°N 103.494°W / 51.987; -103.494