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Rus' (Russian Русь) was a special forces unit (spetsnaz) of the Interior Troops (VV), of the Interior Ministry (MVD) of the Russian Federation. It was a unit in the Independent Operative Purpose Division (ODON).

Rus was created on August 1, 1994.[1] It traces its roots from the OMSBON, the Independent Motorized Infantry Battalion of Special Purpose (later ODON), which was created in 1964 from the 4th Battalion of the OMSDON. The dedicated role of the unit is counter-terrorism and direct action in times of crisis. Rus actively participated, along with other MVD units, in the military and paramilitary operations in Chechnya and the broader North Caucasus region along special forces units (including in the Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis and the Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye hostage crisis; in one incident, a whole platoon of Rus sent to Dagestan was eliminated in a roadside bombing attack). On September 1, 2008, Rus and Vityaz were deactivated and then merged into a single unit, the 604th Red Banner Special Purpose Center of the MVD RF Internal Troops, on the direct command of ODON.