Ruse Iztok Power Plant

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Ruse Iztok Power Plant
Ruse Iztok Power Plant is located in Bulgaria
Ruse Iztok Power Plant
Location of Ruse Iztok Power Plant in Bulgaria
Country Bulgaria
Location Ruse
Coordinates 43°51′54″N 26°0′40″E / 43.86500°N 26.01111°E / 43.86500; 26.01111Coordinates: 43°51′54″N 26°0′40″E / 43.86500°N 26.01111°E / 43.86500; 26.01111
Status In operation
Commission date 1964
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 400 MW

Ruse Iztok Thermal Power Plant (Bulgarian: ТЕЦ Русе Изток) is a power plant situated near the city of Ruse, Bulgaria. It has an installed capacity of 400 MW. It is owned by Holding Slovenske elektrarne.[1] Ruse Iztok Power Plant has 3 chimneys, from which 2 have a height of 180 metres and 1 has a height of 140 metres.

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