Rush (1983 film)

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Directed by Tonino Ricci[1]
Produced by Marcello Romeo[1]
Screenplay by Tito Carpi[1]
Story by Tito Carpi[1]
Starring Bruno Minniti[1]
Gordon Mitchell
Laura Trotter
Music by Francesco De Masi[1]
Cinematography Giovanni Bergamini[1]
Biro Cinematografica[1]
Country Italy[1]

Rush is a 1983 Italian science fiction and action film.


Rush is a solitary survivor in a post-nuclear holocaust world. Water is scarce, as is plant life, and often fought to the death for. Rush discovers that water is being hoarded by the evil Yor and becomes a one-man army to save the world.


Variety referred to the film as a "minor, highly derivative Italian action picture in the science fiction genre".[1] The review noted that the film "skimps on story and incident" and noted that several characters and scenes strongly resemble the film First Blood.[1]


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