Rush (Thorpe Park)

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Thorpe Park
Area Lost City
Opening date 27 May 2005
General statistics
Attraction type Screamin' Swing
Manufacturer S&S Power
Height 72 ft (22 m)
Speed 45 mph (72 km/h)
Capacity 768 riders per hour
Vehicles 2
Riders per vehicle 16
Rows 2
Riders per row 16
Duration 1-2 Mins
Height restriction 130 cm (4 ft 3 in)

Rush is a giant swing ride at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey which opened at the park alongside another S&S Power thrill ride, Slammer, in 2005. At this time it was the tallest ride of its type in the world. Smoke can be seen at the top of the ride's canisters.


Construction for Rush started late 2004, after Eclipse, the Ferris wheel had been removed. It was originally meant to have four air tanks, instead of two. It took around 4 months to construct and test. The ride was installed by Ride Entertainment Group.[1]

Ride Opening[edit]

The grand opening for Rush was at midday on 27 May 2005. After testing all through the morning, it opened, only to break down after four ride cycles. It tested for over 1 hour, and reopened again. As the ride has two swings which swing in opposite directions, it is thought the ride needed to close due to the swings falling out of sync, which caused the ride to operate with one swing, meaning it can only hold 16 people per ride.

Ride Experience[edit]

The ride begins with low swings which gradually get higher. After about 5 swings it reaches its full height of 75 ft (23 m) and its top speed of 50 mph. The approximate angle the swings reach is 104 degrees. At the peak of the swing, riders feel strong negative G's and at the bottom, positive forces of up to 3.5 G. After 4 swings at its full height, the ride slows down quickly to a stop.

The ride experience is enhanced by the fact that it has a lap bar instead of the over the shoulder restraints. This gives riders more freedom and feel more exposed. The ride is powered by compressed air which makes the ride extremely loud. Some guests feel the noise adds to the experience but it has been criticised due to the noise as well.

The ride can also run on one swing if the park is quiet or if the other is not working.

The capacity with one swing is 375 riders per hour, with two swings 768 riders per hour.

2008 Incident[edit]

On 27 May 2008, a piece of metal fell from the ride, while it was operating with guests seated. The ride was stopped immediately and was closed for inspection. The incident was caught on film and posted on YouTube.[2] The fallen part was re-made and re-fitted and new platforms were built. The ride was covered in scaffolding for a week whilst being repaired. The ride re-opened shortly afterwards.

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Coordinates: 51°24′16″N 0°30′45″W / 51.404393°N 0.512366°W / 51.404393; -0.512366