Rushan Range

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Rushan Range
Rushan Range is located in Tajikistan
Rushan Range
Rushan Range
Location in Tajikistan
Highest point
Elevation 6,083 m (19,957 ft) 
Elevation is given for Patkhor Peak
Coordinates 37°54′0″N 72°10′0″E / 37.90000°N 72.16667°E / 37.90000; 72.16667Coordinates: 37°54′0″N 72°10′0″E / 37.90000°N 72.16667°E / 37.90000; 72.16667
Location of Patkhor Peak
Location Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan

Rushan Range is a mountain range in south-western Pamir in Tajikistan, trending in the south-westerly direction from Sarez Lake toward Khorog, between Gunt River to the south and Bartang River to the north. About 120 km long, reaching its highest elevation of 6,083 m at Patkhor Peak (also Patkhur, Tajik: Паххор). Rushan Range on the pushpin map is represented by the coordinates of Patkhor Peak.