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Dariusdanesh rushesCD.jpg
Single by Darius Danesh
from the album Dive In
Released 25 November 2002
Format CD single
Genre Pop/Rock
Length 3:43
Label Mercury Records
Writer(s) Darius Danesh, Pete Glenister, Deni Lew
Producer(s) Steve Lillywhite
Darius Danesh singles chronology
"Incredible (What I Meant to Say)"

"Rushes" is a 2002 single by Darius Danesh, one of the finalists on Pop Idol in 2002. It was his second single release and was taken from his debut album Dive In. It was released on 25 November 2002. The song did not hit the heights of his debut number one single, "Colourblind" but it still reached number 5 on the UK Singles Chart.


Danesh wrote "Rushes" when he was 16 years old. He originally wrote the lyrics on the back of a bus ticket. It is about a girl who got on the same bus as him, but he could not pluck up the courage to speak to her.[1] As with the majority of the songs on his album, he was involved in the creative writing process.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Rushes
  2. Tear Run Dry (Songwriting Demo)
  3. Colourblind (8 Jam Remix)
  4. Rushes (Video)


  1. Rushes
  2. Freefall (Songwriting Demo)
  3. Rushes (Acoustic)

Music video[edit]

The video for Rushes was shot in Los Angeles and is about adrenalin rushes.[2]

Darius arrives at his home on a motorbike. He then goes up to his apartment and arranges to meet his band members for a gig later that day.

He gets ready for the gig and then goes out to meet his band members by his car. The band members shown in the video were Darius' band members at that time, namely, Karl Brazil, Deeral, and Greg Haley.

They travel to the gig, speeding through a tunnel, but are then held up by traffic, eventually coming to a standstill. To get to the gig on time they decide to get out of their car and walk the rest of the way.

The band and Darius then perform the gig in front of an audience.


Michael Osborn wrote in a review for the BBC that the song is "a rich, chugging, rock-tinged little ditty", although he also commented that it is "hardly a quirky experiment lacking in pop sensibilities".[3]

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2002) Peak
UK Singles Chart 5


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