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Rusi Kanda Poonai

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Rusi Kanda Poonai
Directed byG. N. Rangarajan
Written byPanchu Arunachalam
CinematographyN. K. Viswanathan
Edited byRamalingam
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Panchu Arts
Release date
  • 25 December 1980 (1980-12-25)

Rusi Kanda Poonai (transl. The cat that went after the taste) is a 1980 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by G. N. Rangarajan. The film stars Saritha, Sudhakar and M. R. R. Vasu.[1] It was released on 25 December 1980.[2]



Saritha and Sudhakar love each other and Ramesh promises her that he will marry Saritha. But later it is revealed that Sudhakar has already married and dejected, Saritha leaves the hostel run by Manorama and her Siddha expert husband Suruli Rajan, for her hometown. In fact, Sudhakar's marital life was a disaster as they often have quarrels. Eager to meet Saritha, Sudhakar comes to the hostel, but she has already left. Saritha becomes pregnant and delivers a baby girl and meanwhile, Sudhakar's wife, Y. Vijaya dies in an accident. Saritha was never informed about the delivery of her baby girl and her mother gives the child to the greedy couple M. R. R. Vasu and Gandhimathi and both always torture the girl, also blackmail Saritha's mother for money to hide the truth of Saritha's daughter's birth. Saritha gets married and have a happy life blessed with a daughter. Meanwhile, Sudhakar is in search of Saritha and one day meets her at beach as her daughter gets almost drowned, but saved by him. Saritha avoids speaking with Sudhakar. Meanwhile, M. R. Radha blackmails Saritha's mother for money and unable to handle the pressure, she dies revealing the truth to Saritha's daughter. What will happen to Sudhakar, will Saritha's husband finds out the truth and what happens to M. R. Radha gets revealed in the climax.





The soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[3]

Track Singers Lyrics Duration
"Anbu Mugham Thantha Sugham..." Ilaiyaraaja Panchu Arunachalam 4:26
"En Nenjam..." S. Janaki 1:56
"Kanna Nee Engey..." S. Janaki S. Janaki 2:10
"Sandhanam Ittu..." P. Susheela Gangai Amaran 1:37
"Sandhanamittuch Chadhiradum Mottu..." P. Susheela 4:07


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