Ruskin Heights, Kansas City

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Ruskin Heights is a neighborhood in southeast Kansas City, Missouri. This neighborhood was developed in the early 1950s as a suburb on former farmland. In 1957, a tornado cut a significant path through major businesses and neighborhoods of Ruskin Heights. However, it was rebuilt.

As Kansas City's African-American population expanded, Ruskin Heights became more diversified during the 1970s and saw its first African-American families move into the area.

Today, Ruskin Heights is still a community with active businesses, churches and schools that serve a diverse lower and working-class population. Although not consistent, many of the homes are well-maintained thanks to caring tenants and an active homes association.

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Coordinates: 38°55′17″N 94°30′19″W / 38.92140°N 94.50523°W / 38.92140; -94.50523