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Russ Malkin
Russ Malkin an David Beckham.jpg
Russ Malkin and David Beckham during filming on Antarctica, November 2015
Russell Malkin

Greater London

Russ Malkin is a British TV producer and director and founder of Big Earth Productions. His recent work includes "Prince Harry in Africa" and "David Beckham: For the Love of the Game" and he is best known for the adventure travel documentaries 'Long Way Round and Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Russ Malkin filming David Beckham For The love Of The Game in Antarctica, November 2015


In 2016, Malkin produced and directed Prince Harry in Africa following the Prince's journey from Kensington Palace to Lesotho in Southern Africa to see the progress being made by his charity Sentebale, to combat HIV/AIDS. The informative and emotive documentary, featuring guests appearances from Sir Elton John, Chris Martin and Joss Stone, was produced by Big Earth for ITV.

In 2015, Malkin produced and directed David Beckham For The Love Of The Game[1] which saw David Beckham fulfil his ambition of playing seven unique football matches on seven continents in under nine days, for his UNICEF 7 Fund. The documentary features matches in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, with earthquake survivors among the historic temples of Nepal, with refugees on the desert planes of Djibouti and a game in the dangerous barrios of Buenos Aires. It also includes the unique, World's First official game of football on the isolated and inaccessible continent of Antarctica. Big Earth successfully completed this major logistical undertaking to produce a 90 minute special for worldwide distribution with the BBC.

Malkin is best known for producing and directing the iconic Long Way Round (2004) and Long Way Down (2007)[2] featuring Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor; and Race to Dakar (2006) and By Any Means (2008) featuring Boorman.[3] The format of these programmes meant that Malkin also made frequent on-screen appearances. Each series has combined social media, books, DVDs and commercial partnerships.

In 2011, Malkin produced and directed a third collaboration with Boorman for the Channel 5 adventure travel series, Charley Boorman's Extreme Frontiers which spawned a follow-up book and DVD, Extreme Frontiers: Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies. In the same year his book Big Earth's 101 Amazing Adventures that drew on his experiences was published by Transworld,.

He has also worked on other television productions including Murder Or Mutiny, the World Wakeboarding Championships and Clothes Show Live for ITV[citation needed] , along with World's Fittest Woman (2003).


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