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Russell Goodway is a Welsh Labour Party councillor for Ely, Cardiff; and the former Lord Mayor of Cardiff and former CEO of Cardiff Chamber of Commerce.

Goodway was first elected to South Glamorgan County Council in 1985 and became Leader in 1992.[1] South Glamorgan Council was replaced in Cardiff by Cardiff Council in 1996.

He was, for a short period at the turn of the 21st century, the highest paid council leader in Great Britain, until he agreed to cut his £58,000 salary under pressure from the Welsh Government.[2]

Following the Labour Party's loss of control of Cardiff Council at the May 2004 Local Elections, Goodway resigned as leader of the group,[3] adding that Welsh Assembly First Minister Rhodri Morgan wanted Goodway to be beaten by his independent opponent.[4]

Remaining an elected councillor for Ely, Goodway was subsequently elected CEO of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce in late 2004. In late 2007/early 2008, the chamber financially collapsed spectacularly following at overpaid training grant from ELWa of £500,000, which could not be repaid thanks to interest payments totalling £500,000 and other debts of a further £1million.[5] After all 35 staff were immediately made redundant,[6] it was subsequently liquidated.

Goodway subsequently insisted he would not seek the vacant leadership of the Labour group.[7]


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