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The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal is a nonprofit educational organization based out of Mecosta, Michigan. It was founded in order to continue the legacy of Dr. Russell Kirk, an American political theorist, historian, social critic, literary critic, and fiction author. The Center is known for promoting traditionalist conservatism.

The Russell Kirk Center has an affiliate, the Edmund Burke Society of America and is the publisher of Studies in Burke and His Time and The University Bookman, the oldest conservative book review in the United States.

The Russell Kirk Center's President is Annette Y. Kirk, widow of Russell Kirk.

Dr. Jeffrey O. Nelson, Kirk's son-in-law, is Director of Publications.

Senior Fellows at the Center include Dr. Ian Crowe, Dr. Bruce Frohnen, Dr. Vigen Guroian, Dr. George H. Nash, Marco Respinti, and Gleaves Whitney.

The Center's Board of Advisors include T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., John Engler, Edwin J. Feulner, Dr. John Lukacs, Dr. Forrest McDonald, and Dr. George H. Nash.

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