Russell Lant Carpenter

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Russell Lant Carpenter
Born (1816-12-17)17 December 1816
Bristol, Somerset, England, United Kingdom
Died 1892 (1893) (aged 75)
Nationality English
Years active 1816–1892
Known for Minister, Unitarian
Parent(s) Lant Carpenter, Anna Penn
Relatives William Benjamin Carpenter (brother)
Philip Pearsall Carpenter (brother)
Mary Carpenter (sister)

Russell Lant Carpenter (December 17, 1816 – 1892), a Unitarian minister who carried on the works of his father, Dr. Lant Carpenter and wrote his biography. He was a brother of the social reformer Mary Carpenter.

Carpenter was born in 1816 in Kidderminster, Worcester, England and was christened in Devonshire, England. He died in 1892.[1]



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