Russellite Unionist

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Russellite Unionist
Leader Sir Thomas Russell
Founded February 1904
Dissolved 1910
Split from Liberal Unionists
Ideology Irish Unionism

The Russellite group were the followers of Thomas Wallace Russell, an Irish political leader of the early twentieth century.

Russell was the Liberal Unionist MP for South Tyrone. He and some followers left the party in February 1904. They favoured a policy of compulsory land purchase.[1] Dod's Parliamentary Companion regarded them as ex-Liberal Unionists who had joined the Liberal Party, although Russell's two Parliamentary colleagues had been first elected as Independent Unionists and they did not seek re-election as Liberals in 1906.

At by-elections and in the United Kingdom general election, 1906 Russellite candidates contested elections in Ulster seats as Independent Unionists. F.W.S. Craig's compilation of election results for 1906 includes them with the Liberals, but gives them a footnote.

MPs in the 1900-1906 Parliament[edit]

MPs elected in 1906[edit]

Russell became clearly associated with the Liberal Party in the 1906-1910 Parliament. Glendinning was regarded by Dod's Parliamentary Companion as an Independent Liberal. No new Russellite candidates stood in by-elections.

In the January 1910 general election, Glendinning retired and Russell lost his seat as a Liberal candidate.


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