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Russia–Sri Lankan relations
Map indicating locations of Russia and Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

Russia–Sri Lanka relations (Russian: Российско-ланкийские отношения) refers to the bilateral relations between Russia and Sri Lanka.


Soviet-era relations[edit]

The Soviet Union established diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka on December 3–6, 1956. In 1958, the USSR and Sri Lanka signed an agreement on economic and technical cooperation. In 1967, they built a steel mill (production capacity - 50,000 tons of stock per year), a tire plant, and a construction materials plant near Colombo all with the assistance of the Soviet Union.

Russian Federation relations[edit]

Political ties[edit]

During the war between the Sri Lanka Armed Forces (Government of Sri Lanka) and Tamil Tigers, Russia helped Sri Lanka[1] by providing training on battle field tactics to Sri Lanka Army.

In the UN, Russia has supported Sri Lanka in nearly every resolution brought forward against them. The most notable one was during the final stages of Sri Lanka's civil war in 2009 when European nations along with Canada and Mexico brought a ceasefire bill against the Sri Lanka Army. However, China and Russia vetoed that bill. Later on, another war crime bill that was tabled by Western nations against the Government of Sri Lanka was once again vetoed by Russia and China, along with several other nations.

Sri Lanka reacted in favor of Russia during the Ukrainian crisis,and acknowledged the concerns of Russia as justifiable. [2]

Military ties[edit]

Russia helped Sri Lanka to obtain Russian based weapons from several countries throughout the past 30 years. Examples of this would be Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27, Mil Mi-17 used by Sri Lanka Air Force and T-54/55 battle tanks, BTR-80 APC used by Sri Lanka Army.

Economic ties[edit]

Sri Lanka and Russia have recently ramped up cooperation on expanding the tea trade between the two nations. Currently, approximately 17 percent of Sri Lanka's tea exports go to Russia. Sri Lankan teas account for 30% of Russia's tea market[3] In 2016 there were 58,176 Russian tourist arrived in Sri lanka. This number is gradually increasing in recent years.[4]

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