Russia 88

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Russia 88
Russia 88 FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Pavel Bardin
Produced by Pavel Bardin
Vasiliy Solovyov
Pyotr Fyodorov
Starring Pyotr Fyodorov
Release date
  • January 28, 2009 (2009-01-28)
Running time
104 min.
Country Russia

Russia 88 (Russian: Россия 88, translit. Rossiya 88) is a 2009 Russian mockumentary directed by Pavel Bardin about Russian neo-Nazis. It was screened in the Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival.[1] Director Pavel Bardin won the Discovery of the Year Nika Award for the picture.[2]

In the film, members of a gang called Russia 88 are filming propaganda videos to post on the Internet. After a while, they become accustomed to the camera and stop paying attention to it. The leader of the gang, Spike, discovers that his sister is dating a Southern Caucasian man. This family drama develops into a tragedy.

The movie has no ending credits, but a list of people killed by skinheads in Russia in 2008 at the end, playing over silence.


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