Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994

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Eurovision Song Contest 1994
Country  Russia
National selection
Selection process National final
Selection date(s) 12 March 1994
Selected entrant Youddiph
Selected song "Vechni stranik"
Finals performance
Final result 9th, 70 points
Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest
1994 1995►

Russia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 in Dublin, Ireland. This was Russia's first entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Russian entry was selected through a national final, organised by the Russian broadcaster Rossiya Channel (RTR). Youddiph represented Russia with the song "Vechni stranik", which placed 9th and scored 70 points at the contest.[1]

National final[edit]

The Russian national final was held on 12 March 1994 at the RTR studios in Moscow, hosted by Vadim Dolgachev. Two songs were disqualified prior to the competition: "Oi oi oi" performed by Alena Apina was disqualified after receiving radio airplay prior to the competition and "Kogda vernus’ v Rossiyu" performed by Vika Tsiganova was disqualified with reasons such as the singer being accused of antisemitism and the singer deciding to withdraw the song herself being cited. The disqualified songs were performed as part of the interval act. The rules of the competition indicated that a jury of 16 voting members composed of 9 music professionals and 7 representatives of the public decided the result of the competition. Youddiph was the winner of the national final with the song "Vechni stranik".[2][3]

Draw Artist Song Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Points Place
1 Megapolis "Pushkin" Oleg Nesterov (m/l) 0 8
2 Youddiph "Vechni stranik" Lev Zemlinski (m), Piligrim (l) 9 1
3 Andrey Misin "Rossiyskaya lirichetskaya" Andrey Misin (m), Sergey Patrushev (l) 4 3
4 Tatyana Martsynkovskaya "Raspyatiye" Sergey Streletskiy (m), Alexandr Ispol'niy (l) 1 5
5 Sergey Penkin "Vspomni" Sergey Fedorov (m/l) 1 5
6 Nogu Svelo "Sibirskaya lyubov" M. Pokrovskiy (m/l), I. Lapukhin (m), A. Yakomulskiy (m) 7 2
7 Kvartal "Prileti ko mne" Artur Pilyavin (m/l) 1 5
8 Alyssa Mon "Va-banque" Alyssa Mon (m/l) 0 8
9 Elena Kirii "Devki pesni raspevayut" Sergey Martienko (m/l) 3 4

At Eurovision[edit]

Russia performed 23rd at the 1994 Contest, following Hungary and preceding Poland. At the contest, the song was introduced under the English title "Eternal Wanderer", despite being performed entirely in Russian. On stage, Youddiph appeared with two acoustic guitar players: Igor Khomich and Vadim Chebanov.[4] After the voting concluded, Russia scored 70 points and placed 9th.

The Russian conductor at the contest was the composer of the song, Lev Zemlinski. The voting spokesperson for Russia was Arina Sharapova.[3]

Points awarded to Russia[edit]

Points Awarded to Russia[1]
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Russia[edit]

Points awarded by the Russian jury:[1]

12 points  Ireland
10 points  France
8 points  Norway
7 points  Germany
6 points  Poland
5 points  United Kingdom
4 points  Portugal
3 points  Hungary
2 points  Cyprus
1 point  Iceland

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